We Support
Small Businesses

Our commitment is to Main Street and not Wall Street.

We Are
Conveniently Fast

Bringing you the speed of fintech lending with the spirit of community lending.

We Are Personal
and Flexible

Looking for a relationship. We are too. Our credit union partners will grow with you on a variety of other loans in addition to your Nu Direction loan.

We Are

Our credit union funding partners are financial cooperatives operated for the benefit of the members.

How To Apply


Quick Application

Apply with a quick, no hassle application in about 7 minutes.


Instant Preliminary Offer

With our preliminary offer in hand you can make a quick decision on if you would like to proceed with the loan.



You will work with an advisor to collect financials, bank statements, and verify other information. Funding can be completed in as little as 5 days.

Am I Qualified?

Time in business

24 months

Business Annual Revenue

$150,000 or more


US Citizen with no bankruptcies in last 5 years

What could your business do with a lump sum?

Upgrade equipment
or technology

Expand your

Launch new
marketing campaigns


Roll out a new
product or service

Build a new
store front